Thursday, April 13, 2017

Module 7 Phase 2: Creating 21st Century Learning
Thinking of learning from a 21st century perspective is something that is not always easy to do.  The links to the High-Tech High videos demonstrate how an industrial arts teacher (with a law degree) envisioned education could be and made it happen. The other videos provide additional insight into new ideas. PLEASE review these videos to show you how this might look.
Now that you have had a chance to evaluate and reflect upon a learning environment for its 21st Century worthiness, you will have the opportunity to collaboratively design your own.

Environment: How will you design your new environment to make it more conducive to student-centered learning? What will you remove and how will you replace it?  You are just designing for a single classroom or Grade-level team, but the "sky is the limit."

To the left is a graphic from a Pinterest board on classrooms. Review it.  Careful, the content is much deeper than it appears.  Spend some time reading and exploring to get the idea of what can be possible.  Here is a whole board of 21st Century Learning Environments.

Standards: You will be aligning your 21st Century Learning experience with core standards from Iowa.  Here is the link to the Iowa Core Standards 
If you find any additional resources that you feel the class will value, then add them to the comments below.
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